Alex Smyth

Swords, County Dublin

Alex Smyth is a solo alternative instrumentalist from Swords, Dublin. Since beginning to play his instrumental pieces live, Alex is constantly experimenting and growing his live performances to give an authentic, worth while experience. In July 2016 Alex released his debut single CXCVII on all major platforms and was quickly picked up by Nialler 9 and named New Artist of the Week

''Trading in instrumental guitar-lead soundscapes, Alex Smyth takes inspiration from ambient and acoustic pop music to create music that is a little bit lo-fi, a little bit Balearic and a little bit chillwave. Live, it's a guitar, FX and loop pedal set-up. He counts Tycho as an inspiration and his debut single CXCVII certainly has that cinematic smudge to it. A debut EP, The Utopian Dream, is forthcoming.'' NAILER 9, The Irish Times.

Since the release of CXCVII Alex played a headline Audio Visual Show in The Grand Social, that led to him getting slots at Canalaphonic, Barndance and a support slot with Yvette Young (USA). After a string of shows around Dublin Alex furthered his release by putting out his debut EP 'The Utopian Dream' in December. The 4 track instrumental EP was featured on Golden Plec, The Irish Times and was given a great review by Remys Music&FilmBlog.

Alex is constantly challenging himself with different writing styles by using loop pedals, guitar FX and sample pads. His main goal is to bring a a different solo performance to the scene in Dublin. Alex's next show is at one of Irelands biggest music festivals - Body & Soul on Sunday night at 11:30 on the Pagoda Stage.


''One thing you can say for sure about Alex Smyth and The Utopian Dream EP is that he is totally at ease melding different sub genres into the instrumental electronic aesthetic of his music. This is succinctly tied together in the opening track, 'Weathered' where Smyth blends differing types of guitar riffs with both contemporary and 80's sythpop and electronica, and here they all make perfect sense together.'' (REMY MAFB) full article -

''Alex Smyth’s guitar and electronic soundscapes got a further release in December on the Utopian Dream EP, which is well-titled, as the music is designed to lull you into a sense of calm and security within it.'' Nailer 9, The Irish Times. full article -


"Alex varied the set by alternating from electric to acoustic guitars, using drums on a few songs and staggering the amount of loops throughout the set. On the intense songs the crowd's response was infectious which spurred on Alex even further and became the perfect ending to a really good night"
Peter Nagle (Ceol Collective 12.04.15)

"captivated the audience from start to finish and portrays great originality. He has a hint of classical in his style of playing, which entices anyone with a love for good guitar expertise. Every musical phrase is charged with energy and wonderful creativeness. "
Angie (Angies reviews and news 07.02.15)

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