Alex Jordan & Company

County Dublin

Alex Jordan & Company are a Country Rock band from Dublin. In 2015 they released their debut EP 'Leap of Faith' which topped the iTunes charts in August 2015 at Number 1. The band promoted the record by playing shows and festivals around Ireland and the UK.
Throughout the year Alex had the opportunity to work and write with many other artists and bands including, Gavin James, The Shires, Megan O’Neill, Liv Austen, Orla Gartland, The Coronas, CC Smugglers and The Young Folk.
The band returned to the studio in January 2016 to start work on the much anticipated follow up to ‘Leap of Faith’. With a long list of new material to choose from, they’ve narrowed it down to four hits for ‘The Storm’. Complete with brass, strings, screaming guitars and roaring vocals, Alex Jordan & Company have really stepped up.
The record was released on September 30th and debuted in the Top 10 of the iTunes charts, and was played in full for the first time to a Sold Out Odessa Club on November 4th.

Gavin James – “ Sounds Feckin Great”
Orla Gartland – “ Awesome!”
Dave McPhillips – “Pretty Rockin’ and Sounds cool”
Pure M – “Alex Jordan & Co. have put together what is simultaneously one of the best rock and country EPs that I’ve heard in recent times”

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