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Alternative // Dublin

Akrobat's style moves between genres, from garage and new-wave punk through to electronica, funk and jazz.

Their first single Basquiat's Widow is launching in June 2022 to be followed by the album Jammed Space Movement in October.

“Listening to Akrobat’s new album is like walking through a brilliantly curated music festival. In one tent you have the infectious pop of a song like ‘Eskimo’ – and in the next you have the jazz-funk of ‘Music Ain’t No Crime’ – or the Leonard Cohen cool of a song like ‘Sappho’. It’s all there. And as you move through the fields, chewing on your tofu nachos, each new track confirms that you are where you should be, and that you’ll definitely be coming back again for more.” Stephen Kennedy - Nighthawks

“Akrobat’s new album is superb, and follows in the path of rising Dublin band Silverbacks, best exemplified in tracks like ‘Air Station’ and ‘Zamalour’. These are two really great tunes, and the band are brilliant at changing tempo, such as in songs like ‘Sappho’. They would fit a bill with acts like Bodega or Dry Cleaning and there is a lineage going back through to bands like Pavement and even back to Talking Heads. A band to keep an eye on.” Joe Donnelly - Former TxFm and Phantom FM DJ

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