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Airstrip One

Electronica // Howth, Dublin

Airstrip One have been playing, recording and experimenting for close to four years. In 2003-2004 they recorded their concept album Decathlon and played a number of shows based around these pieces. These performances included playing in the Temple Bar Music Centre on numerous occasions as part of The Noise Party shows and other selected nights. Prior to this ASO had put on their own gigs in various locations around Dublin at which they have always taken pride in their live performances and have been very pleased over the years with the reception that their music and visuals have received. Their shows incorporate not only the musical as they also place a high stock in presentation, taking any opportunity to use screens to display their animations and graphics created for their tracks by a series of artists.

After meeting in school and having played in various rock bands they decided to branch off into a more instrumental area of music.

This incarnation incorporates sampled and original beats, harmonious synth tones and luscious string arrangements to produce a distinctive instrumental sound. In a stuffy rehearsal room in Howth lo-fi beats, pensive synth leads and subtle bass grooves can all be heard reverberating in a veritable orgy of sonic experimentation.

Having plunged themselves into financial peril in order to purchase rare synthesizers and discontinued keyboards Airstrip One have no regrets. They believe that the unyielding millstone of debt is part and parcel of making good music when you have no label. When they're not mellowing out to their own tracks Airstrip One look to such musical luminaries as Air, Kraftwerk, SFA, Stereolab, Neu, Can, Boards of Canada, Dr. John, Ennio Morricone, Walter/Wendy Carlos, Max Romeo, Os Mutantes, Augustus Pablo and Brian Wilson for inspiration.