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Agustina Taborda

Alternative // Galway, Galway

Agustina Taborda is an Argentinian producer and singer songwriter based in Ireland.

Her main instrument is the Bandoneón, iconic in Argentinian folk music. Her love for this music has led her to be part of numerous tango groups and into add some of this Argentinian folk' feel into her creations.

In her music she plays with bandoneon, piano, voice, midi instruments and soundscapes from different places, singing in Spanish and English, mixing the two cultures she had been submerged in.

She is part of the groups Vito Sputnik and Copyn Armonias. Since her time in Ireland she has formed the bands Laguna and Esquimal Kiss, and collaborated with the artists The Curly Organ, Jamie Toomey, Rodney Owl and May Fly to the Moon.

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