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Acko 1111

Alternative // Enniscorthy, Wexford

Acko is the former frontman with
Dublin-based pop-punk quartet Grasshopper, who released a slew of singles on
the Liquid label back in the mid-90s. A veteran of the Grafton Street busking
mafia that also included members of the Frames, Kila, the Mary Janes and The
Pale, Acko has also produced albums for Steven O’Brien (Decency Week) and
co-wrote and produced two critically acclaimed albums with Peter Murphy (aka
Cursed Murphy) as the Revelator Orchestra. Tallaght-born, he has boomeranged
between Wexford and Dublin over the past half-century
Acko released his debut solo album St Dominic’s Disappearance on Feb 25th 2022.

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