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Waking Up Sunday

Alternative // Cork City, Cork

From Florence and the Machine to Amy Winehouse and from Portishead to Billie Holiday, Waking Up Sunday take the best elements from your favourite genres, combining them all to create their own incredible sound.

With their debut EP set to be released in 2013, Waking Up Sunday have quickly become one of the most talented and promising acts to emerge from the Irish music scene in recent years.

Founded in 2012 in the Cork School of Music, Waking Up Sunday initially came to life as an experimental project between Briony O’ Toole (Vocals) and Cian Sweeney (Piano/Production), the result being their first track, The Bookshop Project. Following the success of this debut piece the duo continued working together. As a result, more and more original music and productions were created until it was a necessity to form a live act a few months later.

In step childhood friends Cian O’ Sullivan (Drums, Percussion) and Aaron Cronin (Bass) who became established members of the act within no time, all giving their individual input to the band and adding to the sound of what is Waking Up Sunday.

With a live act unparalleled for inventiveness, creativity, tightness and all around talent as well as being able to master any genre they could get their hands on, it wasn’t long before Waking Up Sunday took to the road and began performing across Ireland.

In their brief history, Waking Up Sunday have recorded and produced large amounts of original material and are now on the brink of their first release. Keep your ears open for this foursome, who have the skills, talent and style to be serious contenders on the Irish Music Scene for years to come.