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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Our first hot summer in too long, the appointment of Martin O’Neill & Roy Keane and the reopening of HMV were not the only wonderful things to come out of 2013. Last year brought about the birth of Dublin’s latest indie four-piece, THIEVES. With 'Finders Keepers' the band took their leap into the Irish music scene. Having already racked in a steady, loyal following on SoundCloud, Finders Keepers' unique, fast-paced indie sound is a big crowd pleaser.

The blogosphere have already started to catch on to the magic of THIEVES, with a steady hum drum of positive reviews and mentions beginning to rack up. Having been in previous bands beforehand they are more than well accustomed to gigging and their live set oozes confidence for such a young act. With music that mixes catchy hooks, soaked in three-part, euphoric harmonies, rested against a guitar driven backbone, their distinctive, unique sound is instantly recognisable. Crowd favourite, ‘Finders Keepers’ drops from a hell for leather chorus to a sweet sounding vocal hook that will stick in your head for days upon end.

Thieves are:
Seán O'Heaire - Vocals & Guitar
Cearán Gleeson - Guitar
Ian Martin - Bass
Donnacha Moorhouse - Drums & Vocals

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