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The Bambir

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Currently based in Dublin and hailing from Armenia, The Bambir have gathered their childhood appreciation for hard rock and smuggled vinyl, Armenian traditional music and poetry, pulsing beats and whirling trances, ancient tales and pagan wails and pumped it into their own unique sound. Even though they’ve only been in Ireland for a few months, they’re already causing a stir with their music, their tribal nature, and their beards.

The sounds of Narek Barseghyan (song-writer, vocals, guitar), Arman Kocharyan (bass guitar, vocals), Arik Grigoryan (song-writer, flutes and woodwinds, vocals, percussion), and Vardan Paremuzyan (drums, percussion, vocals) are hard to describe. They’ve heard it all- “Armenian metal with flutes!” “Combination Led Zeppelin and Gogol Bordello!” “Folk-rock, but loud! Really loud!” "Mars Volta punching Jethro Tull in the face!" Narek prefers to call it Archive Rock- taking a little piece of everything from the history of rock ‘n’ roll. “An artist’s job is to search,” Narek says, basing his lyrics in metamorphosis and the imitation of reality or your imperfect idea of it.

Keep an eye out for their EP and for their next date in your hometown as they charge through Ireland, The Bambir are coming for you!

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