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Robert O'Connor

Pop // Dublin, Dublin

Fresh off the release of his widely-acclaimed EP ‘Transcendence’, Robert O’Connor presents “Save You”, a relentless trance banger that’ll have you ready to party like its 1999 – whether the clubs open or not!

Produced by Gareth Shortland, who was recently recruited to remix hits for Steps and Will Young, the track wears its influences on its sleeve – Chicane and SASH! can be heard in the pure ‘90s production, while the infectious melody is reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys.

Robert has gained attention for his cut-straight-to-the-heart lyrics, delivered in a distinctive tone that has drawn comparisons to “mid-90s George Michael”, and his catchy hooks that the Dublin-born artist says he owes to “a childhood spent listening to pure pop crafted by the best”.

In less than three years, O’Connor has released eight singles – from the world-class country ballad “No Second Chances”, described by Caesar Live n Loud as “a timeless classic”, right up to the late-night glistening electro track “Destination Anywhere”.

“Save You” is released June 25.