7th Obi

Hip Hop
Tramore, County Waterford

Originally from Waterford, rapper 7th Obi began making music in late 2015 with a series of tracks dropping on SoundCloud varying from old school hip hop to more contemporary trap sounds. His influences range between the likes of Travis Scott, Trippie Red and Kanye West. With positive reviews from outlets such as The Irish Times, Native Mag and RTE it's easy to see 7th Obi becoming one of the biggest names in Irish hip hop for the foreseeable future.

His latest release 'Location' marks the beginning of a partnership with a fellow Waterford producer by the name of LHK. The two started work is late 2017 with the goal of channelling otherworldly, extraterrestrial aesthetics to develop a completely unique and fresh sound, the likes of which have not been heard in Ireland yet.

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