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Hip Hop // Lucan, Dublin // He/Him

To say 5holla is a new artist wouldn't be entirely honest. While the song, "NEWER SINS" will be the first release under the name, it is the result of years of diligent cultivation, and honing of his unique sound. Refusing to stay stagnant, 5holla is constantly challenging himself to take new risks and discover new sounds.
5holla first entered the Irish music sphere as a 17 year old bedroom producer, receiving acclaim from Irish media outlets such as the Thin Air and District Magazine for his beat tapes which included lo-fi instrumentals and remixes of 90's and 2000s hiphop and RnB songs. After having received tens of thousands of streams and being named as one of The Irish Jam's 2020 hopefuls alongside names like Denise Chaila and Celaviedmai, 5holla (then under the name Nxbody) took a brief hiatus to adding rapping to his repetoire with the release of "NONETHEWISER". The collaborative EP (featuring F3miii) with Irish producer owin, displayed his range and rapping ability, and springboarded him into live music, where he would perform to sold-out crowds under the name Shollah alongside a saxophonist and guitarist in shows and events such as Branded Festival and Dublin Fringe Fest in 2023.
With his most recent release, the self-produced "99" being over a year ago. The rapper/producer has been hard at work, once again choosing quality over quantity and taking his time to develop his sound before he begins to ramp up his efforts under the new moniker 5holla. The hard-hitting "NEWER SINS" will be his debut release.

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