Tony Villiers

Armagh, County Armagh

I'm a singer and songwriter living in Northern Ireland.

My debut album ‘Thin Wild Mercury’, due for release later this year, has already created a stir with a track from the album receiving an Honorable Mention in the International Songwriting Competition, “a New York Times-lauded, Grammy-style event, in which winners are chosen by votes from industry legends”. Miami New Times

Selected out of 16,000 entries in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category, ‘The Last Waltz’ was judged by notables such as Tom Waits, Robert Smith, Black Francis, Jeff Beck and more.

In addition to this it has just been announced that out of 7500 entries 'Radio' has reached the finals of the Nashville-based 'Unsigned Only' Songwriting Competition in the Folk/Singer-songwriter category.

BBC Radio Ulster's Ralph McLean has also said that "'Thin Wild Mercury' is excellent! Superb songwriting rooted in a great tradition."

At the moment I'm mainly performing solo shows due to the prohibitive cost of touring with a band. My influences include Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. My songwriting style is based on simplicity, my songs speak for themselves.

‘The Last Waltz’, 'Radio' and two other tracks from ‘Thin Wild Mercury’ are available for pre-release listen on Breaking Tunes and my album will be available for purchase on iTunes very soon.

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