Dublin, County Dublin

SpiritRiders are a Dublin based 6 piece country rock band.

We play Irish country NOT country & Irish
no rhinestones, no twee sentimentality, no bullshit!

Primarily a live band - our natural habitat would be pubs & outdoor festivals.

What makes us different ?
Well. . . . for a start, we would be older than most of the bands and performers on this site, considerably older, in fact we have grandchildren older than most of the performers here. Secondly, we are not trying to change the world or be the next big thing, we don't give a toss about fashion, current trends or what the media are hyping this week - we have no ambitions other than to be a great pub band, to have a little FUN and to earn enough to continue playing the music we love. We don't use backing tracks, loops or computers to enhance our stage sound, we play it 'live' warts and all!
We have lots of talent, lots of attitude and our own distinct sound - we're fucking legends - the only thing we don't have lots of is. . . . . TIME. Come and see us while you can!

We formed in October 2008 evolving through the usual personnel changes into the current line-up. All band members are experienced players with long pedigrees.

Line up:
Alan Begley - songs/acoustic/electric rhythm guitar/vocals;
Mick O'Doherty - electric lead guitar/vocals;
Colin Griffith - Bass;
Paul Madden - Drums/vocals;
Joe Ryan - Pedal-steel & dobro;
Mick McNally - accordian/keys/vocals.

All but one of the songs on our player are recorded live in 1 take with no overdubs -
'Walking the Streets' is a studio recording.

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