cork city, County Cork

Sarah-Beth is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Cork. Having started piano at the age of 8, she began writing songs by the piano as a way to escape the intensity of classical music.
Sarah-Beth always felt writing was a way to make sense of people and the world in which we inhabit.

Throughout her teenage years, the main themes of her music was love and social interactions - always conveyed in a very idealistic manner.
She began busking in the heart of Cork city as a way to be heard and observe how people reacted to her music in a very exposed environment. Soon she got to know the street music community of Cork who became good friends and greatly influenced her music their raw and alternative style.

From busking she got approached by hip hop rapper Young Phantom, he had a huge influence on her music style and flow - being thrown into a hip hop environment , she learned the importance of free styling and writing honestly. She felt authentic hip hop music was always an expression of a struggle and a determinism to overcome difficult situations.

She was always fascinated by the music scene of New York and the gritty glamour which it promoted. she decided to head their to jam with the local musicians and listen to the best in the NY jazz scene. While there, she met some interesting characters. One of them was a psychiatrist who had a deep interest in philosophy and the higher consciousness. his encounter got her thinking more about the bigger issues in life and questioning what we currently take as truth.
She songwriting subjects became more influenced by religion, human behaviour and politics.

Recently she formed her own band and has collaborated with producer Bitch Black heart, who understood the stories Sarah-Beth was telling. They released the first single from their collaborative EP 'Houston' in October 2016.
Her music ranges from upbeat hip hop with electronic influences , to new age soul right back to just piano - where her musical journey truly began.

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