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Hip Hop // Limerick, Limerick

The story of Willzee is the story of rising from adversity, struggle and hardship.
As a young man Willzee was angry at the world. As a series of moments shed light on another way to live Willzee discovered music as a way to express his true self freely. He began to dream about turning everything that shaped him into something good that could help the next man or woman.

Willzee‘s first official appearance was as the lead actor in the music video of fellow label artist Enda Gallery’s single 'It’s Alright'. Willzee also channels his talents into spoken word and script writing. He won the 2019 Virgin Media Discovers Short Film Competition with his script for the film ‘Innocent Boy’ which premiered at the Dublin International Film Festival in February 2020.

His first spoken word release in 2020 'Dear Friend II' plots a different potential course for Limerick but moreover, for communities in need of care all over the world, he urges us to “let the past be the past, but take it further.” Followed by an impressive single release featuring UK MC Mic Righteous, Willzee's debut album will be released in 2021.

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