Rabble Babble

Dublin City, County Dublin

Pa had written songs about himself and his friends, Joe and Gal, when he teamed up with Jack and Molly in BIMM college to develop the ideas and demos further. Shortly afterwards, they recruited Conor, Pa's friend from previous bands, for bass duties.

Hailing from Celbridge, Dublin, and Trim, the four-piece take their lyrical cues from Enid Blyton, Roddy Doyle and Ice Cube. Musically speaking, there are hints of Homeshake, The Velvet Underground and The Strokes.

The tracks on the EP chronicle the experiences of several friends/acquaintances of the band (as well as some of the band members themselves), on a particular night out in Dublin.

They premiered their debut track, 'You Know Joe, Gal & Fran' in February on 'The Last Mixed Tape' as an introduction to the EP, characters and concept, and premiered the first of a trilogy of singles from the EP called 'Joe's Bust', on 'The Thin Air'.

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