County Donegal

"God, I like Hot Pumps a lot...!" Ian Dempsey, Today FM Breakfast Show

"[Hot Pumps ]...absolutely brilliant track from Palomino..!" Louise Clarke, iRadio


With a massive sound spearheaded by the talents of singer Claire McDaid and guitarist
Denis Kelly, Donegal’s Palomino have already hit the ground running with their debut
"Hot Pumps", and their soon-to-be released "Give It All To Me", a relentless, rhythmic, shot of electro-rock.

Drawing comparisons with the likes of Garbage, Goldfrapp, even Primal Scream,
Palomino came into existence a year ago when Claire and Denis decided to get the
musical ball rolling once again, having worked together previously. Continuing to hone
their unique pop/rock style the duo also combine dance elements with sequencers and sampled
grooves to create a massive wall of glorious sound.

They've also been known to strip the whole lot back and go acoustic !

"We love loads of different artists and styles, be it the Stone Roses, Blondie,
The Beatles, right through to artists such as PJ Harvey and Foo Fighters.
It's great to have lots of influences yet still come up with our own sound. We're
really excited about what's to come...!", explains Kelly.

For a new band, Palomino are causing quite a stir on the nation's airwaves, with Hot Pumps featuring on the playlists of almost every regional station in the country since it's release. The band recently featured on Today FM's 'Best Unsigned Artists' on Ian Dempsey's Show, and also on 2FM's Dan Hegarty. They've also had Hot Pumps added to the playlists of every College Station.


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