Sligo , County Sligo

‘melancholy melodics (and) lyrics that feel like they’ve been uncovered from a book…’ - The Irish Times

The Soft Animal by Nocturnes is songwriter Pearse McGloughlin’s fourth studio album recorded with producer Darragh Nolan in collaboration with Enda Roche - it interweaves intentionally lo-fi recordings with rich production to create an expansive range of sounds and emotions echoing influences as diverse as Sufjan Stevens and A Winged Victory for the Sullen.

The Soft Animal has featured on BBC Radio Ulster, RTE, Today FM as well as on Jason Kramer's show on KCRW.

'The time has come for Pearse McGloughlin's ever-evolving cosmic groove merchants. Their recent album The Soft Animal is our favourite Irish record of the year - do yourself a favour and get it immediately'.... RTE Culture

'It has almost magical powers in the way that it pulls you in, creating something that’s utterly captivating and just so damn beautiful'... Record of The Day

‘subtle elements of the fantastical’ - The Irish Times

‘flits between folk, ambient, orchestral and singer-songwriter styles, underscoring
an inquisitiveness and search for something greater within’… Nialler9

‘Release of The Week’ ….. The Irish Times Culture

‘beautiful harmonies’ - BBC Radio Ulster Across the Line

"a rewarding listen, 'The Soft Animal' is a true album " - The Last Mixtape

Album of The Week - Dan Hegarty, 2FM

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