County Dublin

MDMK is an electronic dance music duo hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Utilising both acoustic and electronic instruments, Marcus Dalton and Matt Keating pay homage to their wide range of influences as they fuse a mixture of genres with upbeat dance percussion.

Their debut single, titled "Bray Bré" in tribute to Keating's hometown, sees the pair loop acoustic guitar melodies over fat, distorted bass complimented by a disco drum beat. As the progressive style of the song continues, and the layers build up, the track swells with a rock-esque crescendo before an intense, drum-heavy finale sees the five-minute track out.

Although they have worked together on various music projects for the last number of years, this is the pair's first take on dance music. Despite this, they have in their arsenal already a collection of tracks lined up for release and an energetic and visual live show which they will be showcasing in venues across Ireland and further afield.

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