Los Paddys De Las Pampas

Ennis, County Clare

Los Paddys de Las Pampas is a musical group based in County Clare which combines Irish tradional music with South American folk and rhythm as a background to write their own original songs.

As part of The Gathering in July 2013, the band were sponsored by the “Clare local Development Company” to record an album and bring musicians from all around the world to Co. Clare to participate in the recording. This including a second generation Irish Argentinian charango and ronroco player Tomas Nelson, among others.

Mixing cumbias with reels and samba with original songs, Los Paddys have a truly unique and original sound. With musicians on this project from Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, Argentina and France, this is truly an international affair.

Los Paddys were recently in the national news for their guitar player filming a Slash like guitar solo on Ennistymon Cascades waterfall much to the chagrin of the Clare county water safety officer!! The music video is for the song “The Fall Of Man”.

Playing this years St. Patricks festival in Dublin, Le Bono winter Festival in Brittany, Los Paddys is a band making waves and getting people to take notice where-ever they play!!

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