Kris D Marsden

Holywood, County Down

Belfast based alt folk troubadour. New single 'Some Kind Of' precedes the album ‘My #9’, set for Halloween release; following the critically acclaimed song, ‘Dear Dad’.

If the words folk or singer songwriter mean something to you, it would be worth checking ‘Never Ending Loop’ out... (
'Never Ending Loop' EP released Feb 2014.

"Acoustic singer-songwriter Kris D Marsden's latest release see's a snapshot into the mind of a man in some degree of emotional turmoil. Rich in the sort of soft, Donovan inspired production that would make it onto any indie-romance film's soundtrack, 'Dear Dad' is Marsden's ode to his late father and a touching tribute indeed. The subtle integration of piano lies delicately amongst the anguish laden vocal, though it's difficult to concentrate on much beyond the sentiments of a song so deeply rooted in it's authors conscious.
Taylor Johnston
For fans of: Willamette Stone, Neil Young, Elliot Smith

The title is self-explanatory for this memorial track. This neo-folk tune elicits contemplation under starry skies; vast and quiet at the same time.
Simple guitar strings and steady voice illustrate this heartfelt homage. Simply put, a lovely song. Noelle Ellis,

New album 'My #9' due fall 2016.

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