Killian Mac

County Dublin

Musician and Songwriter Killian Mac (Killian McGrath), after a period of absence from the music business ( having supported Christy Moore / Mick Hanly and friends in 2010), the lifelong lover of great songs and student of the work of great tunesmiths (from James Taylor, Carole King, Ralph Murphy and Jimmy Webb to Max Martin, Jason Mraz, Denniz Pop, and Steve Mac) has now begun work again and hopes to craft a hit song. Killian is pursuing his masters in Music (UCC-performance) and has received his M.Phil. from the LMU Munich, where he, in addition to philosophy, studied music and world literature (2014-2016). Having worked with some excellent musicians and songwriters in the past years and having worked for DAX companies, McGrath (ever studying the craft) endeavors to do his job as a songwriter and to do it well!

McGrath is a member of IMRO, ASCAP, PPI, IASCA, GVL, and GEMA.

Keen to co-write with writers and artists and to learn from anyone willing to share!

****Tracks will be online in the coming days****

Killian is also a founding member of the Savage Graphics an experimental soulful art-rock project that compose mellifluous melodies, in part, in a variety of alternate tunings.

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