Jennifer Lyons

Cork, County Cork

" Jennifers voice is both delicate and emotive in its delivery with a unique tone derived from a self cultivated mix in various genres of music throughout her artistic development, she has what I would call a unique or distinctive talent, her breathy vocals add a totally different element to a song adding dimension and meaning, emitting passion and depth"

Introducing Jennifer Lyons, a multi instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Cork who has toured independently and extensively for four years performing earthy and explosive soul and folk driven music to the masses across Europe and America.

Jennifer first came to prominence in 2013 as a candidate on the Voice of Ireland selected by Sharon Corr. Following her success on the show Jennifer began to pave out a career as a solo performing artist. In 2014 Jennifer penned her first single 'Dun Aengus' for release on a folk based narrative after spending an extensive amount of time around traditional music. The single was described as 'an awe inspiring heartfelt ballad, graceful and precise with a romantic maturity and an achingly tender delivery'.

Although rooted in folk influence, Jennifer was not content to adhere to the one genre of music and began her solo travels as a troubadour ….it was in these years that she developed her skills as a musician and began carving her own identity as an artist , gathering a small but cult following in Denmark, Austria, Greece, Orlando and Chicago.

Jennifer is currently working on her album' Insipid Disturbia' in Monique Studios in Cork after enlisting the talents of the incomparable Christian Best (Mick Flannery, Jack O Rourke, Cry Monster Cry) and musical super power of John Ryan (Stuck on Repeat) begin the work of merging the raw emotion of Jennifers style with a musical, improvisational and hypnotic window to greater things.

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