Waterford, County Waterford

I’ve been writing songs since I was 15, self taught on guitar. I’ve suffered with major depression and anxiety my whole life and music was my therapy. As a kid I would write poems and try to start bands and make up melodies by ear on my granny’s keyboard. When I started to write songs I felt like I had found what I was born to do and my mammy would bring me to open mic nights weekly to sing my original songs.
When I was 17 I had an audition for college in Dublin with BIMM and was auditioned by Steve Wall from The Stunning and I got through! I stayed and completed my first year there but due to health conditions and financial situations I had to try and apply to a college closer to my home in Wexford. I was able to secure a place at WIT Music BA Hone degree. I had no music theory background and the head of the course told me I was a singer songwriter and would not be able for the music course. It made me drop out but I decided to prove them wrong and I graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Music majoring in performance in 2015 at 21.
During those years my mental health was being numbed with antidepressants and I lost all my joy and passion for my songwriting and my self esteem was gone, what little I ever had.
I guess my depression caused me to punish myself by cutting all music out of my life, getting a job with Apple and my brain told me I would never be good enough and I stopped writing and singing.
In 2017 I was forced out of work due to my depression and put on the disability.
My mam found me a Singing with confidence course in 2018 and I attended it and I wrote and sang a song for the first time in 9 years. Even though I battle with severe depression and anxiety, Music returned to me and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I can’t explain how much it means to me, how many times it saved me and how much I want to share my music with the people who feel like me and let them know they are not alone.
I’ve been taken on as an unpaid intern with the singing with confidence course and they have helped me record my songs and sing in safe private family environments to sing the songs I have wrote.
I hope this bio isn’t too long and apologies if it doesn’t seem very good but singing and being a signer songwriter keeps me here as well as my pets and loved ones. It’s the only thing I do that feels right even though my head crushes my self esteem and confidence, once I’m singing my songs to people I get the ultimate escape and I almost black out, I get lost in the songs and barely remember my performance, but when people come up to me and say they love my music and thank you for sharing it and connecting with people it is such a bonus and warming feeling. Currently I am 25 still fighting for my dream and looking for a miracle opportunity to be able to sing and become an official artist, thank you for taking the time to read this, Hallie x

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