Derry, County Derry

I’m GRIM. I’m an angst-ridden white European man; so the old cliché would suggest I’ll never achieve my subconscious goal of my father’s approval.
I'm an exporter of Lo-fi Electro-blues:
Electro because of the ‘instrumentation’.
Blues because, mostly, I get irritated by things other people seem to find totally acceptable; the music I write, therefore, is a sort of catharsis.
I've had creative and professional dalliances, both on stage and in the studio, with Tom Middleton and the Neil Cowley Trio.
I've been featured on Other Voices, it was a surprise to me too...
AND I'm one of the Daily Mirror's 'ones to watch for 2014'; an accolade that's sure to lead to much disillusionment for someone...
Oh! You should go to 'cause I have free downloads there...

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