County Dublin

I am from Peru.

I am a songwriter, composer, and music arranger.

I work within the Latin genre and currently working with the vocals of three original songs.

I have been working alongside Cuban Director and composer Mr. Danilo Karell (Sabor Cubano, Dublin based Salsa Band), and Manu Ramirez, Director of the Latin Band "Manu and the Latino House", from 2002, to 2011,

EyJ has been created following three bases under which the performance is delivered: the vocals, the compositions, and the instrumentation. Having 4 singers of various nationalities allow us to blend our singing experiences and backgrounds to produce unique vocals and singing styles with new flavors in each song.

On the composition side (lyrics, rhythms, and pace), the listener can enjoy the captivating Salsa or a Romantic and sensual Bolero, an exotic Cumbia, or a Caribbean flavor Cha Cha plus Latin Pop and Ballads in Spanish and English. You can choose to dance, to listen to it, or just to relax.

The instrumentation varies according to the song with are playing at the moment. We can have a vibrant trumpet, piano, trombone and timbales in Salsa songs, and a melodic Accordion leading a Cumbia melody, or perhaps a saxophone and crunchy drums in a Latin pop song.

Currently working alongside Sarah-Jane Fortune (Ireland), Hildelisa López (Guatemala/Spain), Carmen Reyna (Mexico), Johnny Arias (Venezuela)

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