Eraser TV

Limerick City, County Limerick

Eraser TV are a noisy experimental rock band with a slight pop twinge from Limerick City. It's members are Cian McGuirk , Alan Horgan , Laura Drennan and Ian Kennedy.

On the 25th July , 2017 Eraser TV dropped their debut EP "Buzzfeed Depression Quiz"

" compromise has been made on the EP, filled with all the trimmings, creases, and slightly-off guitar lines you’d hope from a band with nothing to lose." - The Thin Air

"Combining a deft manner of melodic musicianship with drunken, off kilter vocals, and periods of avant garde noise influenced chaos, the EP is an imposing and arresting listen. " - Overblown

The Thin Air awarded "Golden Boy" 35th best Irish song of the year on it's 2017 Top 100 list

Eraser TV are co-founders of DIY LK, Limerick’s DIY music collective along with Cruiser, Anna’s Anchor, Casavettes and Static Vision.

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