Eraser TV

Limerick City, County Limerick

Eraser TV are a post-punk noise-pop band from Limerick City. It's members are Cian McGuirk , Alan Horgan , Laura Drennan and Ian Kennedy.

On the 25th July , 2017 Eraser TV dropped their debut EP "Buzzfeed Depression Quiz"

" compromise has been made on the EP, filled with all the trimmings, creases, and slightly-off guitar lines you’d hope from a band with nothing to lose." - The Thin Air

"Combining a deft manner of melodic musicianship with drunken, off kilter vocals, and periods of avant garde noise influenced chaos, the EP is an imposing and arresting listen. " - Overblown

The Thin Air awarded "Golden Boy" 35th best Irish song of the year on it's 2017 Top 100 list

On the 8th April 2017 Eraser TV dropped their sophomore EP "Modern Classic"

Eraser TV are co-founders of DIY LK, Limerick’s DIY music collective along with Cruiser, Anna’s Anchor, Casavettes and Static Vision.

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