Ella Naseeb

County Dublin

Ella Naseeb is an Irish-Pakistani alternative singer whose guitar-based music explores elements of folk, dark soul and post-punk ethics.

Hailing from Dublin, a city defined by its storytelling culture, she grew up immersed in music and words. An affinity for poetry as a teenager transitioned naturally into songwriting, with early demos catching the attention of Jim Carroll in the Irish Times and industry showcase Hard Working Class Heroes.

Captivating live shows established Naseeb for her trademark lyrical intimacy, her spine-tingling harmonies and performances known for their "power, passion and utmost conviction" [Pleasing Features].

"There are oodles of potential here so it will be interesting to hear the direction Naseeb intends to follow in the future"
- Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

"Hats must be tipped to Ella Naseeb, who truly steals the show" - Hot Press Magazine

Contact - info@ellanaseeb.com

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