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Other // Dublin 24, Dublin

I am a songwriter, composer/arranger and self-releasing artist and producer resident in Ireland working within the Latin genre.

I started writing songs in my early 20s, but but I was introduced to music much earlier in high school. That's where I learned the basics of writing simple melodies to be played on the accordion.

I was, and am still attracted by the Latin-American and Andean music genre, and so, after finishing high school I managed to form a group composed of 5 members with friends of my neighbourhood. We liked to play songs from popular groups, but we also worked to include our own songs, it was something natural after all because we did not always want to repeat what others had already created.

It was this experience that marked me a lot and that made me start studying and learning more about music composition and song-writing.

Latin American music that is played with Charango, Ronroco, Zampoñas (pan pipes), Quena (andean flute), Bombo (bass drum) and others.

Then came Rome, Italy where I studied Education and got my Master degree. It was a very dynamic and stimulating stage but it left me little time for music since I had to study and work to support myself.

I Meet internationally recognized Cuban artists and musicians, the likes of late Mr. Danilo Karell, Director/Composer amd founder of "Sabor Cubano" Salsa band in Dublin, the late Eladio Terry, best known as Don Pancho Terry (with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Afro-Latin-Caribbean music), Evelio Galan (the man with the golden voice), Cuco Castellanos (Music director and percussionist), and the Guatemalan band Director of "Manu and the Latino House" based in Cork back then. All that plus some classes taken in music workshops, contributed to discover and understand Latin music in more depth

EYJ follows three steps when composing a song: the vocals, the composition itself and the instrumentation.

On the composition side (lyrics, rhythms, and pace), the listener can enjoy the captivating beat of Salsa or a Romantic and sensual Bolero, an exotic Cumbia, or a Cha Cha plus Latin Pop and Ballads in Spanish and English. You can choose to dance, to listen to it, or just to relax.

The instrumentation varies according to the song, so you can listen to a vibrant trumpet, piano, trombone and timbales in Salsa songs, and a melodic Accordion leading a Cumbia melody, or perhaps a saxophone and crunchy drums in a Latin pop song.
Currently working with musicians to record the songs shortly.


On the hunt for vocals and musicians to rehears and record my compositions.