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Éna Brennan is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, songwriter, and graphic designer originally from Brussels. Since moving to Dublin she has obtained a B.A. (Hons) in Music and Drama and an M.Phil. in Composition, both from Trinity College Dublin. She has worked, be it as a performer, arranger or composer, with Bad Sea, Bell X1, Co-Orch, Dulciana, Mornington Singers, New Dublin Voices, Paddy Hanna, Participant, Robinson Panoramic Quartet, Spudgun, Tandem Felix, Téada Orchestra, Trinity Orchestra, Trinity Singers, and Zoe Conway. She has recently embarked on a solo project under the moniker of Dowry fusing a variety of different sound worlds together; experimental folk, ambient instrumental, contemporary classical, Irish traditional and country music to name a few. Éna begins every set with a completely improvised violin piece using her loop pedal, before launching into a collection of songs on either bass, guitar or looped voice. Improvisation is a very important element of Éna’s writing process and performance style. She has been noted as one to watch in 2018 by The Thin Air, and Whelan’s. Her debut release In É for solo violin & FX is out now and she looks forward to continuing collaboration with other musicians and bands, as well as composing music for other people to perform. Éna’s most recent project has been writing string arrangements for Paul Noonan, Lisa Hannigan, Saint Sister, Seamus Fogarty, Mango & Mathman, Loah, Maria Kelly and Brian Deady to be performed by Crash Ensemble. They bring their show to the Barbican in London in March after a hugely successful sell-out show in Dublin’s National Concert Hall.

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