Derek Ellard

Galway, County Galway

'TO EACH THEIR OWN' ****** NEW SINGLE ****** AVAILABLE 05/05/2017
Producer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist based in Galway.

This is the first of a collection of upcoming single releases. It has taken almost a year to complete and was entirely self -produced, -mastered and -recorded in Galway, Ireland. Although hes not been gigging as much due to returning to college (BIMM) He has been lucky enough to support the likes of Gavin James, Admiral fallow, Wallis Bird, La galaxie and The Unthanks since his last release 'Candour'. 
He has began to lean towards a more math lilt in his sound whilst not forgetting a strong homophony aspect, re-iterating the the fact he is anything but stagnant in his creativity.

EP 'Candour' Available to Download...

"self-depreciative and funny banter ensures that spirits do not wane as he works through tunes that, while having a definite folk basis similar to that of Frank Turner and The Frames, also feature plenty of variety with nods to the math rock happiness of Enemies or TTNG. The trio incorporate plenty of tasteful, raspy vocal harmonies reminiscent of Dry the River or Bear’s Den but with an evidently newfound fascination with all things digital the sound remains fitting to the sparkling, electronic theme of the evening" The Thin Air

"Comprising four tracks, the tunes flirt with folk, edm, prog and alt country, creating a sound that is very much his own. "Indiana" is the star of the show thanks to some inventive beats and arresting vocals."

"A great voice, a loop station and an undeniable way with an acoustic guitar, his fingerpicking style gels beautifully with his husky rasp as he uses a rather unusual technique to create memorable songs"
Lauren Murphy, The Irish Times

"Derek's performances on the E.P. are marvellous. His vocal work is passionate and emotional.
I really can't fault this EP. It's haunting at times, cheeky at times, and at more times deliberately disturbing and challenging. Well played sir. 9/12"
2UIBestow Bobby Noonan

"A treat indeed, starkly beautiful"
G.T.I. Gazette
With the release of his debut EP “Candour” Derek Ellard has crammed the past few years’ worth of experiences, technical knowledge and hard work into 4 succinct tracks.

Producer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist based in Galway.

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