Ciarán Moran Music

North Dublin, County Dublin


Ciarán Moran is a Singer Songwriter from North Dublin City, With a Folk and Acoustic Style genre of music. Each and everyone of his songs has something to do with something that will happen in the world today, and relates to most people across Ireland and throughout the world!
As a songwriter he has wrote songs that he may not have experienced in his own personal life, but behind that, there is someone out there that has. On an Irish radio interview Ciarán Once said - '' I do not believe that there's any point of people listening to my personal problems through my song's or lyrics, I would prefer them to be able to relate to my songs and hopefully put their mind or feelings at ease each and every time they listen to it whilst it relates to their own life''
With songs relating to the Easter Rising of 1916, Homelessness in Ireland, Personal Matters and more, Ciarán Morán hopes that the lyrics and melodies of his songs can make someone feel different once they hear it, should it be a case that the person is down and the song can bring them up, or if there happy and the song brings a memory back to them, That is exactly what he as an artist intends to do.

Hoping to spread his music across Ireland & The Rest of the world, Ciarán Moran has had previous experience of doing so, Playing with Irish Band Rise & Low Profile, Ciarán Moran has played in some of Ireland's Largest Venues Such as Vicar Street, The RDS Dublin, Whelans, The Grand Social and Much More!
Along with performing in large venues Ciarán Moran has performed along side acts such as Damien Dempsey, The Rubber Bandits, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Aslan, Christy Moore and several other Irish artists.
He has also had the experience of performing on Some of Ireland's Major radio stations such as FM104, RTE2FM, SPIN1038, 98FM, And some of Ireland’s most recognizable entertainment blogs such as and the Sunday World.

With a lot of previous experience in the music industry, Ciarán Moran has gained this throughout bands and other musicians. This time he is aiming to re-live and experience this as a solo artist.

In November 2016, Ciarán Moran had an opportunity as a solo artist to Support Irish Artist Damien Dempsey on His ‘No Force on Earth Tour’, In which he did so throughout the North and West of Ireland.

As a solo artist Ciarán Moran plans to Release his first Debut Single 'Almost Anyone' in which highly anticipated and recorded with a well known and highly talented producer in Ireland.
At Present Ciarán is Performing Across the country and in progress of releasing his first Irish Single.

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