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Caela Murphy

Other // Tramore , Waterford // She/her

Caela Murphy (Dollface) is a female solo artist who writes and produces all her own original music. Caela produces music of many genres, such as classical compositions, indie, rap, pop and ballad. Caela has been performing her music since 2015 in which she played the opening concert for Eleanor McEvoy in 2016 in the Theatre Royal Waterford, where she performed her original music. Caela was also approached by Focus Ireland to create a music video for her song "lost at sea" in which she composed after meeting a homeless man on the streets of Dublin and asking him what his dream was, in which he replied "to be a fisherman".
Caela writes music from the darkest part's of her heart, with her song "Disorder" in which she talks about mental illness and her struggles with bipolar disorder.
Caela writes music as a voice for people who need to hear a truth about life by reflecting through her own experiences.
Caela Murphy has since rebranded to "Dollface" and will be releasing her newest single "Fool" on December 9th 2022.

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