Aileen Wallace

County Cork

Aileen Wallace is a musician/composer/interdisciplinary artist, born in Limerick city in 1983. She currently lives and works in Cork, where she has recently received a (1:1) Honours degree in Music from UCC. Though Wallace predominantly works with sound, her most recent material is presented in an Audio/Visual medium. Her practice is rooted in the experimental, and experiential, and how we interact with nature, informed by personal and intuitive relationships to the natural world, specifically the process of life and death in the presence of the unseen. She has a keen interest in sonic architecture, and temporal space, both of which she has explored through her recent sound compositions, and A/V installations.

Wallace has an extensive background in performance, live sound, music production, video, radio, music tuition, and multi-media. She has appeared in several video productions, and music videos with a number of ensembles. Having examined a plethora of different subjectivities from post-colonial hip-hop to investigation into eastern philosophy through to exploration of consciousness and human experience in a variety of multi-media projects, she is presently etching her own inscription into an emerging responsive culture through multi-media and performance channels.

Recent Exhibitions/Installations:

'Who Put Bella in The Whych Elm?' - Limerick City Gallery of Art 2017
(Sound Design)

'Soul Noir: Festival of The Dark Arts' - Great North Georges Street, Dublin 2017
(Sound Design)

Previous Works:
'Elemental' - Department of Music, UCC -2016
(Sound Design/Installation/Moving Image)

'The Big Bad Truth' - Independent Short Film, Co.Kerry 2015
(Sound Design)

'The Tin Can Orchestra' - Short Film, Berlin 2015
(Sound Design/Composition)

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