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Aileen Wallace

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Aileen Wallace is a musician/composer/interdisciplinary artist, born in Limerick city, Ireland in 1983. She currently lives and works in Cork, where she has received a (1:1) Honors degree in Music from UCC (University College Cork). Wallace runs a small but vital studio which serves as an educational space in the heart of Cork City where she delivers her unique and diverse approach to music tuition.

As an artist, Wallace predominantly works with sound, and much of her recent material is presented in an Audio/Visual medium. She has a keen interest in sonic architecture, and temporal space, both of which she has explored through her recent sound compositions, and A/V installations. Her work undoubtedly reflects her methodologies, practice, and experimental recording techniques that are quintessential elements to her sound. In 2017 Wallace exhibited works in Limerick City Gallery of Art, and Soul Noir: Festival of The Dark Arts, Dublin. She returned to Soil Noir again in 2018, and featured work broadcast live on Sonic Darts, U.K. , and collaborated with filmmaker Chirs O Neil on 'Fragments' which premiered at Cork Film Festival.

Wallace has an extensive background in performance, live sound, music production, video, radio, music tuition, and multi-media. Upon receiving a qualification in Sound Engineering from the City & Guilds London Institute in 2004, she embarked on a journey of experimental field recording, and music production. Wallace is also a field recordist, and a freelance sound recordist.

As a working musician she has curated and performed both solo, and ensemble performances as part of a number of groups including: Lōwli, If You Discover a Fire, C.A.V.E (Cork Audio Visual Ensemble), and The Council for The Dark Arts Orchestra, to name but a few.
Having examined a plethora of different subjectivities from post-colonial hip-hop to investigation into Eastern philosophy through exploration of consciousness and human experience in a variety of multi-media projects, she is currently etching her own inscription into an emerging responsive culture through multi-media and performance channels.

Her solo experimental project ‘Last Eden’ unites her passion for experimental ambient music, sound art, and improvisation. Wallace favors hybrid elements of digital and analogue gear in her performances including rewired speaker microphones, tape loops, cassette recorders and more. Last Eden's debut cassette was released in April on No Rent Records in the U.S .

As a composer, she has featured in a number of productions and has composed works for independent short film. Her most recent sound design commission was featured as part of the Cork Film Festival in November 2018, which was composed for filmmaker Chris O Neil’s experimental film ‘Fragments’.

Recent Exhibitions/Installations:

Cork Sound Fair 2019 - Performance (under the moniker of Last Eden)

Mixtape @ DkIT IWD 2019

DDR 2019 - 24 Hours of Womxn's Voices , Dublin Digital Radio Broadcast

Scene & Heard Festival 2019, Smock Alley Theatre - New Year's Sea (Sound Design/Composition)

Sonic Darts UK 2018 - 'Anamnesis' (Live Broadcast)

Cork Film Festival 2018- 'Fragments' - Experimental Short Film
(Sound Design)

'Soul Noir: Festival of The Dark Arts' - Dublin City October 2018
(A/V Installation - 'Anamnesis')

'Who Put Bella in The Whych Elm?' - Limerick City Gallery of Art 2017
(Sound Design)

'Soul Noir: Festival of The Dark Arts' - Great North Georges Street, Dublin 2017
(Sound Design - 'Incrementum')

Previous Works:

'Elemental' - Department of Music, UCC -2016
(Sound Design/Installation/Moving Image)

'Laminae' - Composed for C.A.V.E (Cork Audio Visual Ensemble)

'The Big Bad Truth' - Independent Short Film, Co.Kerry 2015
(Sound Design)

'The Tin Can Orchestra' - Short Film, Berlin 2015
(Sound Design/Composition)