County Cork

Conor Clancy is a UCC English and Music graduate who has spent his college years gigging the South East as a singer song writer. He is an esteemed play write and is currently touring the country with his critically acclaimed show "Will It Fit In The Van?". His new venture TOUCAN is a collaborative work with the likes of Booka Brass Band featuring in his upcoming releases.

Martin Atkinson-Borrull bring his influences and work with Vulfpeck to the fore in TOUCAN. Having performed alongside the likes of Joe Dart, Atkinson-Borrull is renowned in the Cork music scene. As well as an accomplished pianist, Martin also arranges a lot of TOUCAN's work and also is well known for playing in other bands, such as Nile St. James.

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Upcoming Gigs

  26 May 2017 18:00 Live On Air Festival, Sligo   Main Stage   Buy Tickets