DUBLIN, County Dublin

The Stoles bring to their songs the energy of The Clash and a guitar sound flavored with essence of home-country legend, The Edge. What the band adds to that blend are pop/punk-infused vocal harmonies and a post-modern melodic slant. Formed in 2012, The Stoles released their eponymous EP in 2013, recorded at the renowned Westland Studios (whose client list is absolutely jaw-dropping). The Stoles are building upon their debut by working on a full-length follow-up and booking an ambitious stretch of live performances. The Dublin-based outfit is composed of bassist Antonio Derosas, guitarists Jacek Matysiak and Clement Tournay and Marcel Preiss on drums ; Although none of the members hail from the city, The Stoles have successfully adapted their bright, upbeat songwriting to the city's storied melancholic history.

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story!

“Their vibrant music pulses I reckon could really get class music appreciators grooving to their solid songs globally, I know they got me on board!” - Forksterocks Magazine
“The Stoles EP - 8/10” – Unsigned and Independent
“The Stoles are the new band to watch out for!” – BizBlitz Magazine

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The Stoles - Red House (Official video) The Stoles - Protest Song (Official video) "Another Road to recognition" live @ the twisted pepper Dublin The Stoles @ The Gypsy Rose