DUBLIN, County Dublin

The Stoles bring to their songs the energy of The Clash and a guitar sound flavored with essence of home-country legend, The Edge. What the band adds to that blend are pop/punk-infused vocal harmonies and a post-modern melodic slant. Formed in 2012, The Stoles released their eponymous EP in 2013, recorded at the renowned Westland Studios (whose client list is absolutely jaw-dropping). The Stoles are building upon their debut by working on a full-length follow-up and booking an ambitious stretch of festival performances; The band has successfully adapted their bright, upbeat songwriting to the city's storied melancholic history.

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story!

“This is definitely’ an independent band on the rise’ and on that note, I certainly could see rock music appreciators around the world really taking a huge liking for these rocking cats! - Forksterocks Magazine

“Centered around shuffling rhythms, melodic bass lines and interweaving guitars the band’s new single plays with the indie-pop sound and sensibilities to create an undeniably catchy three minutes of Irish indie at it’s finest” – The Last Mixed tape

"It would be hard to dispute that The Stoles have an admirably clear vision in mind for their music. Taking influence from some of the most enduring and ground breaking alternative acts of the last several decades, they seem to be on the way to finding their niche within the industry. Adopting a fervent approach to rock and landing somewhere between early U2 and The Killers sound wise, this Dublin based foursome are certainly doused in potential"- Pure M Magazine

“The Stoles EP - 8/10” – Unsigned and Independent

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