Sorcha Richardson

County Dublin

Sorcha richardson is a New York based Irish singer/songwriter whose atmospheric folk has been poetically described as "bedroom songs sung from a big city window"( She released her debut EP, Sleep Will Set Me Free, in June 2012 and her follow up EP, Last Train, on September 30th 2013 through Paris based indie label Crosswalk Records.

She is currently writing and recording for a new release. More details will be available in Autumn/Winter 2014.

"muted folk, the intimate, confessional kind; bedroom songs sung from a big city window." -

"I Heart NYC, along with most of Sorcha’s catalog, feels like a confession she has entrusted the listener with, a sorting-out of the emotions that come with taking life on in the big city." -

"New York-based Irish singer-songwriter already demonstrating that she has a fine grasp on how to deliver atmospheric folky pop whose haunted, low-key drama will remind you of Bon Iver or Perfume Genius." - Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

"The 21 year old’s slow-burning guitar and piano folk references New York and doesn’t necessarily feel tied to Ireland at all (rather it sounds a bit like the hushed folk of Bon Iver) . It feels like something born there, out of inspiration from a life’s reshuffle to a big big city." -


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