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SESSION MOTTS’ trademark 80s-Modern sound – a hybrid of Post-Punk, Northern Soul, Disco and Dreampop – was first heard on their debut single Chip Shop Fights, released in January 2017. Nialler9 quickly named the MOTTS ‘New Artist of the Week’ in The Irish Times, and the group soon picked up similar accolades from and The song also gained regular airplay on RTÉ1, Newstalk, 98FM, 8Radio and Dublin City FM. Chip Shop Fights peaked at #14 in Newstalk's airplay chart and reached #2 in Dublin City FM's airplay chart, a position it held for four weeks in succession and went on to remain in their Top 40 for five months continuously.

The reaction to Chip Shop Fights, from both media and fans alike, was overwhelmingly-positive. As a result, although originally intended as a studio-only group, SESSION MOTTS are now playing live and having recently played The Harbour Bar in Bray to an ecstatic response are set to make their Dublin debut at the legendary Whelans venue in July.

Their second single Plundered Past was released on 30 May 2017, with GoldenPlec premiering the video and Dan Hegarty of RTE 2FM giving the track it's first radio play. Newstalk FM, 8Radio and Dublin City FM have added the song to their playlists, with nine separate shows on 8Radio now regularly airing it. Newstalk's Tom Dunne has named it as one of his Top 3 new Irish releases. It's also being played by RTE Radio 1, 98FM and numerous stations around the country. RTE Radio 1 have listed Plundered Past as one of only seven new 'Recommended' tracks. It was also last week's highest new entry in Dublin City FM's airplay chart, going straight in at #10, before rising to #7 and then rising further still to #5. It's currently #17 in 8Radio's airplay chart, the third-highest-placed of any Irish artist.

Plundered Past is accompanied by a video filmed in three separate counties including Larne, Co. Antrim by film-makers Adam Hart, Richard Deering and Sinead O’Quigley, and is based on the true story of the 1988 unsolved murder of 18-year-old German backpacker Inga-Maria Hauser, whose body was found in a forest elsewhere in Co. Antrim. Despite its tragic inspiration, Plundered Past is an uptempo dancefloor stormer intended as a defiant celebration of a life cut short.


"Dark, shimmering brilliance. A new voice in music"
- Tom Dunne, Newstalk FM

"Saw this band's first show ever last night in Bray. Fucking brilliant. Between the Veldt music, the latest Bettie Serveert (could be their best record yet!) the new Happy Abandon and this, I am feeling truly inspired by new music right now. "I have seen the future of music and it works". Ladies and Gentlemen: Session Motts"
- Stephen Judge, Schoolkids Records (USA), Record Store Day founder & owner of Blurt music website

"Song of the Morning: SESSION MOTTS' Plundered Past. Smart Disco-Pop with a serious message"
- Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times

"Sporting the best new band name since you last had a gaff party, SESSION MOTTS are a band in thrall to the eighties: specifically Magazine, New Order, Microdisney and Aztec Camera"
- Nialler9, The Irish Times

"An enigmatic trio with an 80s-synth-pop sound but their music is far removed from the bubble gum songs of the era that trademarked the sound"
- GoldenPlec

"The wonderfully-named SESSION MOTTS, not only do they have a great name they also have a great follow-up to their debut single Chip Shop Fights which we played for you a few times on the show"
- John Barker, 98FM

"This band have already began making waves with their equally enchantingly-titled single, ‘Chip Shop Fights’, this is a band that’s as talented as it is witty. Already receiving radio airtime from the likes of FM104 and’s equal parts delightful and charming. Their sound has a sort of dreamy, ethereal undertone to it, the vocals are wispy and haunting but uplifting nonetheless"

"I'm a HUGE fan of the Session Motts since they came to light at the start of the year & I'm only delighted that they've released a brand new single 'Plundered Past'...When I say "I haven't stopped listening to this" - I mean it! Song of the year so far perhaps?"
- Dublin Live

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Upcoming Gigs

  14 Jul 2017 21:30 Whelans (upstairs), Wexford Street, Dublin   SESSION MOTTS at Whelans