Maija Sofia

Dublin, County Dublin

Solo-artist based in Dublin. For all inquiries contact


Dealing with the universal traits of loneliness and anxiety – but lightened by juxtaposition with Sofia’s empirical, fairytale mannerisms – the tracks on the Galway’s musician’s debut solo EP makes for a bewitching, almost voyeuristic listen.With hints and shades of the likes of Mazzy Star and CocoRosie, we’re most certainly smitten.
-The Thin Air (2015)

A lo-fi singer-songwriter folk style that draws comparison to one of my favourite Irish acts vocally – Nina Hynes.
-Nialler9 (2015)

Balancing self fulfilled youthful wonderment and old soul whispers, Maija Sofia is sure to prosper with her eclectic whimsies, dark in spaces, otherworldly at others and rooted in alt folk pop. Or “witchery”, as she would say. Small Irish village foundation and big city London cultivation, Sofia shows that refreshing ideas and sounds can come from the smallest of places. Her tracks are intelligently fanciful tales, trippy enchantments and enjoyable playful jaunts from a true recessed corners dweller of a story teller. Sofia’s amazing and certainly mesmerizing EP with Ferdia (MacAonghusa) called Sentient Light marvels in the tradition of Irglová and Hansard’s Swell Season and dazzles sweetly.
-Global Texan Chronicles (2015)

Singing to secret ghosts, Maija Sofia brings forth a spacey detachment that cuts to the bone and may just haunt you too if you step into the lo-fi gloom of her sonic universe.
-Left Bank Magazine(2015)

Maija Sofiä’s ethereal brand of folk music possesses a fascinating quality, sometimes melancholic, often seeming to come from some dreamy, far-away place. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Cosmonaut, the second track on her collaborative EP with Ferdia, Sentient Light.
- A Music Blog, Yea? (2015)

-Hot Press (2014)

'Mesmerizing and moving [...] dreamy, melodic and stunning.'
-Rapunzel and Pie (Slovenian blog, 2012)

'Luxurious and raw.'
-Harmless Noise (2013)

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