Laurie Shaw OFFICIAL

Cork City, County Cork

Laurie Shaw hails from The Wirral peninsula. He has made numerous records in the Kerry mountains including Working Nights, My Girlfriend the Klansman and The Ink Trap to name just a few. Shaw has played Cork's Quarter Block Party Festival, B.A.R.E In The Woods and Body & Soul with his visceral band The Swamp People. His latest album is The Great British Night Out. Birthed from the uncertainty of civilisation, the album fuses loops and post punk riffs to create a mid-fidelity sonic landscape.

"The collection of 30 songs certainly doesn’t short change, but there’s much more here than simple value for money. While Shaw’s recording methods could most accurately be described as raw, marked by distorted guitar, sudden stops and occasionally chaotic percussion, they're never out of place with his bursts of vital, energetic psych" - Barney Harsent, The Arts Desk, Felted Fruit review

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