Field Trip

Galway, County Galway

Following a name change & debut release in early 2016, Field Trip have already been booked alongside So Cow, Squarehead, Oh Boland, Fangclub, Land Lovers, No Monster Club, and The Hipshakes as well as the more commercial Hermitage Green. Now after a string of singles this spring, an EP launch is planned for later this year.

'I will say that Field Trip are not your common modern half baked band with a fresh new sound, writing De Marco-esque pop songs full of beauty, melody, killer riffs and jostling reverberating guitars. Their live shows are 110% creamytown.'
David Boland (New Pope) - The Thin Air

'Four Galwegian ruffians, birthed from a milky cauldron of woozy vocals and toe-tapping garage pop melodies. Now under the guise of Field Trip, let the tandem union of sharp lyricism and smooth guitar with a sucker punch bring you for an enjoyable ride. Although somewhat under the radar, Field Trip’s swaying, infectious tunes are not without energy; coupled with engaging words and plucky guitar. This cheeky quartet are a tangy cocktail of all the juicy bits of Irish garage pop music today. Throw in a bucket hat, and a catchy hook and you’ve got yourself a trip to remember.'
Rebekah Rennick - The University Observer

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