Maynooth, County Kildare

For the most part their sound is very relaxed, honest and soulful.

The music tends to focus on exactly how they’re feeling at that particular time. They draw on each others personal experiences and reflect that mood through their songs. Being lucky enough to be surrounded by plenty of talented and dedicated musicians and friends have urged them to continue to write music and record

While hibernating over the Winter, Doppler have been working on new material and a debut EP entitled "Laughil" which is due for release in late August. The title "Laughil" comes from the surname of a rural introvert who lived in the forest alone for just shy of 100 years. The song explores my own personal experience of finding his abandoned house in the wilderness and researching his identity and his life. The 4 track EP has been a huge learning curve for the outfit and one that has been challenging but ultimately has improved their sound and musicianship.

Laughil EP Tracklist:

1. Laughil

2. Let Me Try

3. Railroad

4. You Caught Me


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Doppler-  I'm Still Home j'ai schlaumé toute la journée ( Rough Demo)- Jamie Mulrooney