Maynooth, County Kildare

“It’s not often you find a band to move you within 25 seconds. Doppler had me wrapped around their little finger from the word go." Yvonne Hegarty - Festival and Gig Guide

"Their smooth guitar grooves and elongated vocals flows through you so naturally, like blood through a vein." Pat Byrne - Dublin Concerts

" This artist that stopped us in our tracks" KASHKA- Right Chord Music

“I must say I really like their music. Their melodies are soft and easy listening. Beautiful and melodic.” Michael Kiernan - Live Mics World

“Really love their sound. Very exciting to hear music like this coming to the surface.” John Bowe -Radio Nova

Dopplers music has recently been featured on a range of radio stations such as BBC Radio UK, 2FM, 2XM,Today FM, Phantom FM (TXFM), 8Radio, BBC Radio Ulster,Lost On Radio, Radio Nova, 4FM,98FM, and RTE Radio 1 to name a few.

Doppler is a collection of sounds and ideas brought to life together by two friends who write about things that have influenced their own and each others lives. Like new ideas their sound is difficult to put into words and their songs require attention as every track takes on a different meaning and subject. Moving melodies, muffled moody guitars and crisp honest vocals wrapped around simple progressions.

New single "Railroad" is available for free download through their SoundCloud page where they have developed a following of over 2500 listeners.

Railroad was voted "Song of the Week" on In Colour on RTE's 2XM with Darren Cleary-8/3/15

Listen of the Week- Edwina Elizabeth- The Life of Stuff- 7/3/15

8/10- U & I Magazine- March 15'.

"I am a lover of the lyric being reflected in the vocal delivery and the music itself, and ‘Railroad’ ticks all those boxes for me. There are hooks in the song but they are not obvious or cheesy. The tense atmosphere on a hungover Sunday after a steamy, drunken Saturday night comes through in waves. A Doppler effect, if you will."- Al Gilmore- Chodblossom 7/5/15

"Railroad a laid back almost languid, retro groove that meanders much like the Railroad the title describes. With hints of Neil Young it tells of a love that never seems like it could work, it’s the wrong time, wrong place and it’s time to move on. Despite being drenched with regret and melancholy you still emerge from a dark tunnel with a sense of optimism and the refrain “I’ll go where you go” ringing in your ears." Featured single of the week- First Sing of Love on RCM


Here's the free download link:

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Upcoming Gigs

  31 May 2015 19:00 The Chapel, Nano Nagle Centre, Carrick-on-Suir   Clancy Brothers Festival Songwriting Competition Final    
  1 Jun 2015 22:45 Kilfinan Vintage Show, Co. Mayo   Kilfinan Festival- Headlining