Deaf Joe

Waterford, County Waterford

Deaf Joe's second full-length album, 'From The Heights Of A Dream', is out now on Delphi ( The album is a leap away from the abstracted folk of first release 'Burrowings', into an almost neo-classical world of spaces and atmospheres. Songs are held together as much by the power of individual sounds as they are by melody or harmony. Its physical release is accompanied by a limited edition book, made in collaboration with visual artist Paul Hallahan.

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"'From The Heights Of A Dream' uses folk textures processed to make something more challenging and at times, uneasy listening." --- Recommended Album

"Deaf Joe’s second album sees the songwriter breathe new, electronic life into his brand of hushed folk.. It’s music tailored to headphones and the rain-streaked windows of a long haul journey."

"An album that doesn’t bow to the pressures of modern popular taste is admirable, one that executes its concept so well is an essential record."

"Joe emerges pearl-like from his shell. Sublime songs and divine inspiration; a potent mix." - Donal Dineen, Today FM


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