Dammy Ari

Carlow, County Carlow

Dammy Ari is a singer, rapper, song-writer from Carlow, Ireland. Growing up with music from an early age, he fell in love and in music he found peace and happiness.

Dammy is his first name and Ari stands for lion in Hebrew,Brave in Armenian, Superior & Best of thinkers in Greek. All these descriptions define Dammy as a person and are attributes which he puts in his music through his lyrics.

Considering himself a shaman of music, he express it through singing, rapping and dancing, drawing on all forms of creative influences and genres from reggae, hip-hop, pop, r&b, house, grime, jazz, rock and classical music to truly make a blend of styles, embodying the sound of the new generation, whilst still emulating the soul of old skool funk.

Being a wordsmith, his descriptive writing means his lyrics are carefully chosen to make you feel and imagine, taking you back in time to memories lost and forgotten, or giving you a p.o.v into his mind and surroundings.

His words best describe his music "each song is a blank canvas for a new story, with my thousand words painting a vivid picture"

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