Claudia Schwab

Sligo, County Sligo

Claudia Schwab is an originally Austrian fiddle player and composer, who lives and works in Ireland.
As musician of the world, in her music she amalgamates different traditions and styles such as traditional Austrian, Irish, Classical Indian, Swedish and Eastern European folk.

Her musical journeys brought her to Egypt, California, Italy, Slovenia, India, New York, Moldavia, Transnistria, Sweden, Germany and Hungary, as part of orchestras and bands as well as touring her solo project.
Since having completed her BA in music and psychology in 2012 and an MA in ethnomusicology at UCC in 2013, she works as a freelance musician.
Current projects include collaborations with Austrian string-trio Netnakisum (AUT), the Kate In The Kettle Quintett around Scottish fiddle- singer Kate Young, German Jazz legend Matthias Schriefl and the Cork Gamelan orchestra (IRE).

Her debut solo album ´Amber Sands´was released on April 26th 2014 and is available on itunes, amazon, CDbaby, bandcamp etc.
On October 21st 2016, Claudia launched a special edition of her forthcoming album "Attic Mornings" on vinyl (EP). The full album on CD was released on February 12 2017.

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Upcoming Gigs

  28 Apr 2017 19:30 Hand.Werk.Haus, Schloss Neuwildenstein Rudolf-von-Alt Weg 6 4822 Bad Goisern   Claudia Schwab Quartett @ Hand.Werk.Haus   Buy Tickets  
  29 Apr 2017 18:30 Le Schnurrbart, Paulustorgasse 6, 8010 Graz, Austria   Claudia Schwab Quartett@ LeSchnurrbart    
  30 Apr 2017 21:00 Lviv, Ukraine   Yurodny @ Flugery L’viv Festival