Ailbhe Reddy

Dublin, County Dublin

Dublin based singer - songwriter Ailbhe Reddy's unique blend of fervent, emotive song-writing, laced with compelling chord changes and entrancing melodies has quickly garnered her an exciting reputation on the Irish music scene, attracting the attention of media broadcasters such as TodayFM, who featured her original track ‘Cover Me’ as the accompaniment music to their 'Shave or Dye' advertising Campaign. Her song 'Flesh & Blood' was also recently chosen by Folk Radio UK as their Song of The Day. Ailbhe was a new addition to the festival circuit last year and performed at Knockanstockan Festival, Spirit of Folk festival and Whelan's Ones to Watch festival. She released her entirely independently produced EP 'Dwell' in December 2014 to positive reviews.

Praise for 'Dwell':

“Through songs like ‘Cover Me’ and ‘Love of Your Son’ the serene, calm tone is fully realised through gentle piano, softly performed vocals and layered harmonies.”

“Dwell finds it’s centre in the great swells of harmony that give the record an expansive folk sound as well as an organic “live in your room”/Cosy, Stills & Nash feel."

"personal storytelling backed by warm, full-bodied production Reddy’s music is both promising and honest.”

- Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape.'

"the four track offering is a short but beautiful set of acoustic guitar driven songs, settled with spacious arrangements, sparse instrumentation and set apart by lush and melodic vocal harmonies."

"Reddy’s effortlessly delivered vocal spills through speakers, elongated vowel sounds adding emotive strength, yet introducing a decidedly melancholic tone, reinforced by wistful lyrics."

"Swan Song, with its beautiful acoustic guitar tone, warm electric lead lines and fleeting buried percussion boasts a forlorn chorus that will catch in your ear and swirl sweetly in there for hours after listening."

"Dwell is an intensely personal, carefully constructed collection of sweet songs, centred on fleeting love, lingering loss, the joy of unity and the tragedy of separation. Do yourself a favour and get a copy."

- Andy Guyett, Dublin Concerts

"Beautiful vocals, melodies, sentiments and lyrics make 'Dwell' and Ailbhe Reddy a must listen for fans of indie folk pop music."

- Ceol Collective

"The smart feel of the guitar fleshes out the song which is confirmed by the heartened feel of her vocals."

"A listless purity broods on the song which gives the departure something eventual and that is what you really admire it for." (Cover Me)

"The way her voice accentuates everything on 'Cover Me' is a complete virtue all of its own accord. This develops something in her velvet tones that blankets the tune in a defining way which comes to settle upon it majestically."

"The smooth transition of her voice across the delivery adds to the impressive fortitude on show." (Swan Song)

- Unsigned & Independent

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