Tandem Felix

County Dublin

Email: tandemfelix@live.ie

Four gentlemen, playing polite and intriguing music for themselves and their friends.

Often misheard as: Tandem Phoenix, Tantrum Felix, Tandem Chunky, Tender Feelings.

"Tandem Felix may be the best thing to come out of a Dublin secondary school French class in quite some time. What you get from the young four-piece is spikey, spacey indie rock with some interesting pop and quasi-classical strokes in the mix too." - Jim Carroll, Irish Times.

“Over in the Grand Social, Dublin outfit Tandem Felix’s dreamy psychedelic sound – complemented perfectly by the singer’s haunting falsetto – has punters (including your humble reviewer) enchanted, tingly keys and a guest trumpet solo adding layers to an already accomplished sound. Keep yer eyes peeled for more from these guys in future.” - Maeve Heslin, Hotpress, Hard Working Class Heroes.

Keogh, Evan - Bass Guitar.
Muldowney, Conor - Guitar.
Tapley, David - Guitar, Piano, Vocals.

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