County Dublin

The Story of a Rock Band.
Guilty optics was formed in 2008 By Alan Finnerty and Peter Lee. The Duo was originally playing some songs Alan had written under the name Bend this, Uri Geller!
As the pair started to write new songs and found a new sound in the process.
The ingredients- Harder, Faster, Louder with a tasty flavour of melodic rock n roll it was enough to melt your face but was just missing one final piece.
Enter Ruadhan O Meara on bass the trio was ready to take the stage.

They played their first shows in June 2009 with Elk and Jogging You may have been there.

The Songs “Down to Business” & “ Fugue” were the first to be released as part of the Richter Singles Club with the bands Bats & Hands Up Who Wants To Die.
In 2010 They released a Split 7” with the band C!ties on the Out On A Limb record label. The Song was the powerful “White Teeth”

In 2011 there was a line-up change Ruadhan was concentrating more on other projects making way for Richard O Reilly (Crayonsmith & Koalacord) on the bass.
Later that year Lewis Hedigan (Elk) also took to the drum throne as Peter was tied to commitments with his other band Jogging.
The new line-up played their first show Aug 25th 2012 for the launch of the 2nd Jogging Album (Peters band)
This was followed soon after (Sept 15th 2012) with their own late night headline show, where they played to a sweaty enthusiastic crowd the proved there is still plenty of room for a real rock band in a world of blips, bleeps and loop pedals.
So the story continues:
Perhaps you will get join us along the way as we endeavour to redefine musical trends with our unique style of down-stroke wizardry.

" With infectious melodies woven amongst hardcore discordant driving riffs, Guilty Optics are a tuneful juggernaut that will have ears smiling"

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