93 Acres

Maynooth, County Kildare

24 year old, Dublin born Hugh Clarke first got into music when he began violin lessons at the age of 4. He continued to pursue other instruments such as the piano, guitar and saxophone, and by the age of 16 was performing at every opportunity he could in bands and as a solo artist. 

He began his recording career using reaper, before moving onto Ableton Live and Logic pro X. After many years of refining his craft he finally decided to release some music to a wider audience. Hence, the creation of 93 Acres.

The aim of 93 Acres is to create and produce music. Tracks are created at home by Hugh, before being brought to Stephen Lovatt at 'Little Wolf Records' where they jam and have fun with the further production of the tracks. At this stage they often recruit a cluster of talented musicians in Maynooth and Dublin to feature on the tracks.

93 Acres debut single 'Lay Down', was released on May 16th on multiple online outlets including Spotify & iTunes.

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